Brazil oil exports rose 56 pct in August; gasoline output falls

lunes 28 de septiembre de 2015 15:22 GYT

By Jeb Blount and Marta Nogueira
    RIO DE JANEIRO, Sept 28 (Reuters) - Brazil's crude oil
exports rose by more than 50 percent in August compared with a
year earlier and gasoline output fell by more than a fifth, the
country's petroleum regulator ANP said, as the country adjusted
to weaker domestic fuels demand.
    Crude oil exports rose 56.2 percent in August to 25.366
million barrels, the highest total since June's record high,
compared with 16.239 million barrels in August 2014, the ANP
said in data updated late on Friday.
    Exports in the month were 28.9 percent higher than in July. 
    Imports fell 20.3 percent from a year earlier to 7.910
million barrels, the lowest since May, and were 4.41 percent
lower than in July.
    Brazil's economy is in the midst of its worst downturn since
the great world depression of the 1930's, a recession that has
seen a plunge in industrial activity.
    Production of gasoline, which fell 22.4 percent to 12.560
million barrels compared with a year earlier and 9.81 percent
compared with July, was also pressured by the fuel's declining
competitiveness with hydrous ethanol in much of the country.
    After years of losses subsidizing gasoline imports needed to
make up for the 15 refineries of state-run oil company Petroleo
Brasileiro SA to meet domestic demand for gasoline
and diesel, Petrobras, as the company is known, has declined to
cut prices even as world crude and crude product prices fall.
    This has made hydrous ethanol, a type of pure sugar-cane
ethanol sold at separate pumps at all Brazilian gasoline
stations, competitive with Gasoline C, the standard Brazilian
blend that contains 27 percent anhydrous ethanol.
    As the bulk of new cars sold for more than a decade have
"flex-fuel" motors that can handle any combination of ethanol
and gasoline, many drivers have switched to ethanol.
    As of the week of Sept. 12, hydrous ethanol was more
competitive than gasoline in six of Brazil's 26 states. Those
states, which include Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais, account for
nearly half of Brazil's GDP and nearly 40 percent of its
    See below for a table of August ANP production,
import-export and sales data for Brazilian crude oil and refined
 Item              Aug      July    Aug     %Change  %Change
                   2015     2015    2014    Aug/Jul  Aug/Aug
 Crude Production    N/R     N/R     N/R      N/R     N/R 
  Crude Exports    25.366   19.682  16.239   28.88%   56.20%
  Crude Imports     7.910    8.275   9.923   -4.41%  -20.29%
 Crude Processed   62.717   64.281  66.916   -2.43%   -6.28%
 Total Fuel        63.692   65.637  69.084   -2.98%   -7.80%
  Gasoline A*      12.560   13.926  16.188   -9.81%  -22,41%
  Diesel           27.156   26.855  26.405    1.12%    2.84%
 Total Fuel Sales  75.608   76.588  78.863   -1.16%   -4.01%
  Gasoline C*      20.675   21.512  23.294   -3.89%  -11.24%
  Diesel           31.546   31.206  33.657    1.09%   -6.27%
  Hydrous Ethanol   9.893    9.749   6.674    1.48%   48.23%
 Total Fuel         3.929   13.216  14.687  -70.27%  -73.25%
  Gasoline A*       0.265    0.642   0.746  -58.75%  -64.52%
  Diesel            0.182    5.679   3.568  -96,80%  -94.91%
 Total Fuel         7.975    9.798   8.830  -18.61%   -9.69%
  Gasoline          0.728    0.933   0.317  -22.00%  124.35%
  Diesel            0.147    0.000   0.000   N/A      N/A
 N/A = Not Applicable
N/R = ANP has not yet released that number for the current month
* = Gasoline A is a gasoline blend that contains no
ethanol/Gasoline C contains 27 percent anhydrous ethanol   

 (Writing by Jeb Blount; Editing by Grant McCool)