Brazil president, speaker forge uneasy truce in political crisis

viernes 16 de octubre de 2015 13:48 GYT

By Anthony Boadle

BRASILIA Oct 16 (Reuters) - Until last week they were political enemies.

Now there is a sudden, if tenuous, truce between President Dilma Rousseff and a man who is more often her nemesis, the speaker of the lower house of Congress.

Both are fighting for their political lives - Rousseff faces the prospect of impeachment proceedings while Eduardo Cunha is battling calls for his ouster because of corruption charges and the discovery of multimillion dollar offshore bank accounts.

But one way for each to hold on, at least for now, involves what one Rousseff aide calls "a pact of non-aggression."

The aide, like two other administration officials who confirmed the truce, spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss it publicly.

"The government will not accuse or do anything against Cunha," one of them said.

As word of an agreement began to circulate this week, it prompted disbelief even among the political class in Brasilia, the capital. Some within Cunha's PMDB party, which is notorious for aggressive power-grabbing tactics and back-room deals, doubt its longevity.

"It's doomed to fail," Lucio Vieira Lima, a PMDB congressman from the state of Bahia. "If they have to attack each other tomorrow, they will."   Continuación...