China Stocks-Factors to watch on Monday

domingo 11 de septiembre de 2016 20:38 GYT


* HK->Shanghai Connect daily quota used -1 pct, Shanghai->HK daily quota used 58 pct

* SSEC -0.6 pct, CSI300 -0.6 pct, HSI +0.8 pct

* CNY official close 6.6830 per dollar

* FTSE China A50 -0.3 pct, BNY Mellon ADR China Select Index -2.9 pct

Sept 12 (Reuters) - Following is a list of recent corporate and policy announcements, as well as other news that might affect Chinese financial markets. Policy, government, sector news:

* Inflows from China give Hong Kong shares best week since mid-July

* China to tighten regulation on structured funds, introducing a threshold of 300,000 yuan in assets; CSRC classifies investors as ordinary and professional, banning institutions from selling products or offering services to unqualified investors

* Listed companies shall promise not to plan material asset restructuring after scrapping restructuring process - CSRC   Continuación...