Soccer-Foreign leagues quake as EPL steamrolls ahead

jueves 12 de febrero de 2015 13:00 GYT

By Ossian Shine

LONDON Feb 12 (Reuters) - Lay 10 pound notes side by side and end to end, and the cost of broadcasting just one Premier League match to a UK audience would cover the pitch of Chelsea's Stamford Bridge stadium in Bank of England paper. Heading for twice over.

The money Britain's dominant pay TV firm Sky, and rival BT, spend to screen the English league's footballers live would be sufficient to carpet the whole of Monaco in brand new tenners -- annually, for two of the deal's three years, with plenty left over.

Top flight footballers may soon be earning 500,000 pounds a week, analysts predict in the wake of this week's deal which pours more than 5 billion pounds into the league from 2016. Sky paid 4.2 billion pounds for the lion's share of the rights, while BT spent 960 million to retain a foothold.

Analogies translating those enormous sums into more digestible images are as plentiful as they are colourful, as fans, analysts and sponsors wrestle with the figures.

That these images are not simply unbelievable is testament to the accelerant poured on the TV rights arms race, creating elephantine growth in the league.

"Every player agent in Britain went home the other night and kissed his significant other," former president of CBS Sports Neal Pilson told Reuters. "Because these deals inevitably lead to significant increases in the value of the players.

"The value of the international rights... will probably be impacted by this new deal. I would expect they would go up dramatically as well."   Continuación...