Brazil soars to China's No. 3 crude oil supplier in Sept

    BEIJING/SINGAPORE, Oct 25 (Reuters) - Brazil jumped to
China's third-biggest crude oil supplier in September, import
data showed on Sunday, as China's independent refiners scooped
up cheap supplies of the South American exporter's relatively
high quality oil.
    Imports from Brazil hit 4.49 million tonnes, up from 2.96
million tonnes a year earlier, data from China's General
Administration of Customs showed. Brazil overtook Iraq, which
fell to fifth-biggest supplier.
    China's January-September imports from Brazil were 33.69
million tonnes, up 15.6% from a year earlier, according to
Reuters calculations based on the data. China makes up 70% of
Brazil's oil exports, the country's state oil firm Petrobras
said in July.
    Saudi Arabia regained the top spot in China's oil purchases
last month after losing that rank to Russia for the previous two
months, data showed. 
    Imports from the kingdom were 7.78 million tonnes,
equivalent to 1.89 million barrels per day (bpd), up from
August's 1.24 million bpd. 
    Russia supplied 7.48 million tonnes last month, or 1.82
million bpd, up 18.6% from a year earlier and up 32.8% from
August, according to Reuters calculations.
    For the first nine months of 2020, Russia remained the top
seller with supplies totalling 64.62 million tonnes, 16% above
year-ago level. Saudi Arabia trailed at 63.57 million tonnes,
which was 6.5% higher on year.   
    U.S. shipments soared to 3.9 million tonnes in September,
versus a year-earlier 517,982 tonnes. 
    China snapped up 13% more crude in the first nine months
than a year earlier, as refiners ramped up production to meet
speedy demand recovery from the pandemic and stock up at record
rates on cheap oil.
    Below are details of imports from key suppliers, with
volumes in metric tonnes.
 Country    Sept       y/y %change  Jan-Sept    y/y % change
 Saudi      7,784,323          8.6  63,566,727            6.5
 Russia     7,478,331         18.6  64,622,178             16
 Brazil     4,494,926         51.7  33,690,884           15.6
 USA        3,897,357        652.4  10,923,957          110.8
 Iraq       3,653,975        -24.3  47,227,486           29.9
 Oman       3,645,858         51.4  27,984,855           22.3
 Angola     3,347,155          7.1  31,014,929          -13.6
 Iran         678,133         25.7   2,875,812          -78.4
 Malaysia     441,527        -77.5   9,425,934           14.2
 (tonne = 7.3 barrels for conversion)

 (Reporting by Muyu Xu in Beijing and Chen Aizhu in Singapore;
Editing by William Mallard)

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