IFR US ECM Calendar

NEW YORK, Jan 29 (IFR) -


Black Diamond Therapeutics (US, biotech) - $201.2m IPO. 10.59m shares (100% prim) at $19.00 versus $16-$18 marketing. JPM, JEFF, COWN. Upsized from 8.9m shares.

Grocery Outlet (US, discount grocer) – $528m FO. 16m shares (100% sec) at $33.00 versus $35.25 at launch. BOFA. Upsized from 14m shares.

Live Nation Entertainment (US, live events) – $350m 5y cvt at 2% cpn and 50% conversion premium versus talk of 1.875%-2.375%, up 47.5%- 52.5% prem. JPM, GS, SUNT.


Day to Day: Avadim Health (US, healthcare cosmetics) – $80m IPO. 5m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. RJ, SUNT.

January 29 (PM): Alector (US, biotech) – $130m FO. 5.1m shares (100% prim) versus $25.34 at launch. MS, GS, BOFA, COWN.

January 29 (PM): DBV Technologies (France, biotech) – $125m ABB. Fixed size (100% prim) at $10.25 fixed price versus $11.33 last sale. GS, CITI.

January 29 (PM): Establishment Labs (US, medical device) – $55m FO. Fixed size (100% prim) versus $26.37 last sale. GS, JEFF, COWN, UBS.

January 29 (PM): InterPrivate Acquisition (US, SPAC) – $175m IPO. 17.5m units to be marketed at $10.00 apiece, structured as one share and half of a warrant. EBC. NYSE “IPV.U”.

January 30: Arcutis Biotherapeutics (US, biotech) - $132.8m IPO. 7.8m shares (100% prim) at $15-$17. GS, COWN, GUGG. Existing holders have indicated an interest in buying $50m of shares.

January 30: 1Life Healthcare (US, healthcare network) – $280m IPO. 17.5m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. JPM, MS.

January 30: PolyOne (US, plastics) – $450m FO. Fixed size (100% prim) versus $35.72 at launch. MS, CITI, WF.

January 30: Positivo Tecnologia (Brazil, IT services) – R$386m (US$91.6m) FO. 40m shares (100% prim) versus R$9.65 at launch. BTG, BRAD, XP.

January 30: Reynolds Consumer Products (US, consumer products) – $1.32bn IPO. 47.2m shares (100% synth sec) at $25-$28. CS, GS, JPM, BARC, CITI, EVER, RBC, HSBC.

February 3: Mitre Realty (Brazil, real estate) – R$887.3m ($212m) IPO. 45.5m shares (100% prim) at R$14.30-R$19.50. ITAU, BTG, BRAD. B3 – Brazil Stock Exchange “MTRE3”.

February 4: Locaweb Servicos de Internet (Brazil, web services) – R$1bn ($240m) IPO. 59.9m (56% prim, 44% sec) at R$14.25-R$17.25. ITAU, GS, MS, XP. B3 – Brazil Stock Exchange “LWSA3”.

February 5: Beam Therapeutics (US, biotech) – $106.3m IPO. 6.25m shares (100% prim) at $15-$17. JPM, JEFF, BARC.

February 5: Casper Sleep (US, online retail) – $158.7m IPO. 8.35m shares (100% prim) at $17-$19. MS, GS, JEFF. NYSE “CSPR”.

February 5: PPD (US, CRO) – $1.65bn IPO. 60m shares (100% prim) at $24-$27. BARC, JPM, MS, GS. Nasdaq “PPD”.

February 5: Schrödinger (US, medical software) – $160m IPO. 10m shares (100% prim) at $14-$16. MS, BOFA, JEFF, BMO.

February 5: Petrobras (Brazil, oil & gas) – R$18.1bn/$4.3bn FO. 611.8m shares/305.9m ADSs (100% sec) versus R$29.62/$14.77 at launch and R$31.99/$15.99 at file. CS, BOFA, BRAD, BDB, CITI, GS, MS, XP. Additional 20% hot-shoe option on 122.4m shares (100% sec) representing remaining stake held by BNDES.

February 6: NexPoint Real Estate Finance (US, commercial mortgage REIT) – $105m IPO. 5m shares (100% prim) at $19-$21. RJ, KBW, RWB. NYSE “NREF”.

February 10: Moura Dubeux (Brazil, real estate) – R$972.8m/$232.5m IPO. 51.2m shares (100% prim) at R$17-$19. ITAU, CS, BRAD, BDB, CAIXA. (Reporting by Robert Sherwood)